Congratulations to Canada – the Champion of Women’s Ice Hockey!!!

Canada blanks U.S. to win gold in women’s hockey

The Canadian women’s hockey team skated up to the top step of the Olympic podium once again.

The Canadians won their third consecutive gold medal at the Olympics with an efficient 2-0 victory against the rival United States on Thursday.

Teenage whiz Marie-Philip Poulin scored two first-period goals and that was enough because netminder Shannon Szabados shut the door on the Americans with a wonderful 28-save performance.

The 23-year-old Szabados is the same goalie who, earlier in her career, made headlines playing with the boys in the Alberta Junior Hockey League and later one game with the Tri-City Americans of the WHL. She also played minor hockey growing up in Edmonton with Toronto Maple Leafs defenceman Dion Phaneuf.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Wayne and Janet Gretzky, Canadian snowcross gold medallist Maelle Ricker, actor Michael J. Fox, defenceman Scott Niedermayer and most of the men’s team, as well as head coach Mike Babcock and his assistant coach Lindy Ruff, were among the packed and exuberant crowd to take in the women’s victory at Canada Hockey Place.

The Canadian victory avenged losses to the U.S. in the past two world championships. Because of the disappointment at those two tournaments, the Canadian women changed their preparation for the Vancouver Olympics.

They held a 3½-week boot camp in Dawson Creek, B.C. There, each day began with a long-distance run every morning at 7 a.m. and between weight training, yoga sessions, kickboxing workouts and on-ice instruction, their day didn’t finish until 9:30 p.m.

The Canadian women also engaged in an ambitious 31-game schedule, beginning in late September, against Alberta boys midget teams. This was 10 more games than they played against Alberta boys teams in preparation for the 2006 Olympics.

The commitment and dedication obviously paid off. They won five of six exhibition games against the U.S. and extended their Olympic win streak to 15 games. The Canadians outscored the opposition 48-2 in their five games at Vancouver.

Congratulations to Canada for getting into Semi-Finals for Mens’ Ice Hockey!!! Go Canada Go!!!

Team Canada flattens Russia in quarter-finals

Canada still has to win two more games to claim gold in the men’s hockey tournament at the 2010 Olympics, but it’s hard to imagine that any team can beat the Canadians after their masterful performance against Russia on Wednesday.

Canada dominated its longtime hockey foes for a 7-3 win in the quarter-finals to advance to a match against the winner of the Sweden-Slovakia game later on Wednesday. It marks the first time Canada has defeated Russia in the Olympics since 1960.

To do so, the Canadians put forth a near-perfect performance. They crowded Russian superstar Alexander Ovechkin all game and as a result, he went home empty once again in a clash against his nemesis, Sidney Crosby. Crosby didn’t stand out, but he certainly stayed within Canada’s game plan.

The Canadians continued to play their puck-possession game, but they also increased their physical play over the previous four games. They also played a strong positional game. They always had a third player high in the offensive zone to guard against Russia’s potent transition game.

Canada also kept the puck along the boards as much as possible. In Russia’s zone, the Canadian defencemen refused to mindlessly fire shots at the net if there wasn’t a shooting lane. Instead, they dumped pucks into corners, where the Canadian forwards enjoyed a field day cycling the puck.

Canada also was the more skilled team, or at least the more cohesive. One of the few good stops Russian goalie Evgeni Nabokov made, before he was pulled after Canada’s sixth goal in the second period, was on Rick Nash after a bang-bang-bang-bang passing play to set up the Canadian forward to side the Russian goal.

Babcock spins gold

Canadian coach Mike Babcock continued to have the Midas touch in his line combinations and matchups. This time, he placed the defensive wizardry of Jonathan Toews and Mike Richards along with the size of Nash to check Russia’s heavyweight line of Ovechkin, Evgeni Malkin and Alexander Semin.

Not only did they defuse the explosiveness of Ovechkin and Co., Nash scored a breakaway goal after Richards swiftly moved the puck up the ice to his linemates after a Malkin turnover at the Canadian blue-line.

The Nash goal gave Canada a 3-0 lead and it arrived 46 seconds after defenceman Dan Boyle drifted a shot past his San Jose Sharks teammate, Nabokov, on the power play. It was Boyle who made a brilliant rush up the ice to set up Ryan Getzlaf for the game’s opening goal, just 2:21 in.

Russian coach Vyacheslav Bykov called a timeout after Nash’s goal. The Russians responded with a screen shot from defenceman Dmitri Kalinin. But Canada regained its three-goal lead when hard-hitting winger Brenden Morrow was allowed to walk out of the corner and squeeze a shot past Nabokov before the first period concluded.

The Canadians increased their lead to four after 40 minutes. A loose puck bounded to Corey Perry off the rush for an easy goal and Shea Weber blasted a shot past Nabokov less than a minute later to end the goalie’s night.

Russia’s Maxim Afinogenov got in behind Canadian defenceman Duncan Keith to give the Russians temporary hope. But then Perry finished off a wonderful passing play from Eric Staal and Getzlaf.

Russian defenceman Sergei Gonchar made it 7-3 with a floater from the blue-line on the power play.

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Had a great time with my college buddies (Tszwai, Kate, Cousin and Him) last night. We went to Vancouver for our placement in 2004 summer (with also Yat, Julie, Kimmy, Doris and Hay) and stayed there for more than three months. I fell in love with this great city so quickly and I enjoyed my life there very much. People were nice, working atmosphere was nice, food was nice and everything was nice!!! Haha!!! (And when we enjoyed our salmon sashimi last night, we were all thinking about those all-you-can-eat Japanese resturants in Vancouver… Yummy!!!) I would never forget the days we went everywhere in weekend and explored whatever we could…

Great trip to Lake Louise in Banff (before we started our placement XD)

We don’t look quite different from our old good days, but now we are no longer students. We are all working working working… Tszwai and Him are working in NGOs in children and youth services, Kate in medical social work field, Cousin in a NGO urging for universal retirement protection, and I am in the administration field… We are all walking on different paths. But my memory of having fun with all you guys come back again when I see all of you… (And of course there are even more changes in your statuses… Tszwai, Cousin and Julie have already started their own new family!!! Kung Hei Fat Choy!!!)

Time flies… It has been almost six years since we were all in Vancouver. At that time we longed for coming back to Vancouver again to watch the Winter Olympics 2010. And now the Oly Games have started and we are in Hong Kong… 

I guess I am the luckiest guy, as I have returned to Vancouver two or three times these years…

I wish I were sitting among the audience… to watch the ice hockey game Canada vs USA…




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